Sale on Lotions and free shipping on orders of $30 or more through December 17, 2018 All orders of $30 or more receive free shipping through Monday! Also, we still have a good supply of lotions available for cold weather chapped hands and all your lotion needs, and they're on sale with $1 off the regular $10 price! See our Lotions page to order. Finally, keep in mind that USPS says packages shipped by December 20 can be expected to arrive in time for Christmas.

Annual Open House Thanks to all who attended! And Congratulations to Audrey K who won our gift basket. We look forward to seeing you at our next event. For more information, see our Facebook Page for details.

November 2018 Updated Web Site:
We've updated our web site several times in the past few years, but most of those changes have been under the hood. We've now taken those changes to give our site a radical new design and new ways of finding our wide selection of soaps. We've already added a page listing discounted soaps, Check out the new Soaps by Categories page, including newest varieties. Thanks!

Also, if you have trouble using this site, you may still use the old version here Old Soaps Page.

New Soap: Charcoal Eclipse!
The "Great American Eclipse" was a beautiful sight! To commemorate the event, we have created our first activated charcoal soap, designed to look like the total eclipse so many people got to see. This is a great way to remember the event or for a gift to someone who got to see it or really wanted to. It's also great soap!

Farmer's Markets We sell at two markets in our area. Click here for times and directions.

Lesser Known Secrets: While browsing our soaps, be sure to check out these things too: Bargain bars, a helpful Printable Brochure, and Gift Certificates. Also, to avoid shipping charges, you can order online and request your order to be brought to one of our markets. Just choose "Bring to Market" on the shipping menu on the Shopping Cart page, and indicate which market you will pick up at in the comments.

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Our Soaps
Our soaps are made with natural ingredients in many different scents, as well as other ingredients such as activated charcoal, oatmeal, dried herbs, coffee grounds, and even beer. Some bars are left unscented. Below are listed some of our most popular bars.

Essential Oil Soaps
Essential Oils are extracts of the natural oils in plants. Essential Oils are therefore 100% natural, and the best ingredient to make many of our wonderfully scented soaps while still having a 100% natural bar. Below are listed some of our most popular essential oil bars.

Check out these additional scents:
Fragrance Oil Soaps
Fragrance Oils are made synthetically. This allows many more delicious scents than are available with Essential Oils, and they are also less expensive, though just as luxurious.

Even more scents:
Scent Free Soaps
These soaps have no added scents. Perfect for sensitive skin and noses, yet still has all the nutritional benefits and the smooth silky feel provided by the goat milk in the soap.

Additional Unscented Soaps:
Soaps by Category
Browse our soaps by category to help you find just what you're looking for. Categories include:

Seasonal Soaps
Throughout the year, we make special soaps to match the season. Fall scents include Apple Alamode and Pumpkin Pie, Christmas season soaps include Candy Cane and Gingerbread Cookies. We often have new seasonal scents every year.

Other Products
We have a number of other products available. These include lip balms, skin lotions, laundry soap, and bargain soaps. We are in the process of making more products including new scents and liquid hand soap. Our farm also produces a number of products. Check out our products page on our farm web site for information. Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, or our newsletter to hear when new products are available.

Baby Olive
Baby Olive

Our Baby Olive products are specially formulated for those with sensitive skin. They are the perfect addition to any nursery, and an excellent baby shower gift, but also a great choice for anyone who wants an extra gentle product.

We use high quality organic olive oil and other gentle ingredients. Olive oil is a gentle moisturizing oil that will gently cleanse and soothe your skin.

Bill and Becky,

As someone who has always had dry and sensitive skin, I've found that living in parts of the world with harsh, and dry climates, has made me particularly excited about finding products that work. My recent discovery of Dixie Soap's "Baby Bum Balm" has been particularly exciting. In the past, Petroleum Jelly was always my go-to moisturizer, being inexpensive and easy to find. When I moved to China, however, and suddenly had trouble finding it, I decided to try to find an alternative. Baby Bum Balm lasts SO much longer, and as a result is very cost-effective for a luggage-weight-conscious traveler. It is more effective as well, so that I do not need to use it [as a lip and hand moisturizer] as frequently. When I was backpacking the local mountains, I realized that it seems the Chinese kids like it too, judging from their love of my skin ;-)

Custom Soaps and Special Orders
We can provide soap in a variety of custom ways, whole logs, hotel bars, party favors, bulk quantities, wholesale, and more.

More Information
About Our Soaps

Read more about our soaps, their benefits, and how they're made here.

Ordering Information

For information about ordering and shipping, click here.

Soap Ingredients

Learn about the ingredients we use here.

Use your credit or debit card in person or at our Farmer's Market or event booth.
If you have a smart phone, you can use your credit card, to pay us at our farmers markets by coming to our web site and paying online. Our regular items and prices are listed, as well as an option to enter an alternative amount if the total doesn't equal what we have listed. We can also accept paypal. Click here to start your purchase!


We host and are involved in a variety of events throughout the year including:
Baby Goat Experience day at our farm in the Spring
Dairy Goat Milking Demonstration at both of our markets in June
Holiday Trunk Show at Athens Arts Center, Athens TN, in November
Open House and Farm Tour in December after Thanksgiving
Bizarre Bazaar, hosted by Brainerd Farmer's Market at Grace Episcopal Church in December
Soap Making Demonstrations
Solar System Planet Scale Model Demonstration
Find out more here.

Dixie Soaps Marketplace

In addition to our regular products listed here, we often have a number of other products and services available. Find out more here.

Our Farm Website: Dixie Does Alpines

Our soaps are made with goat milk from our own goats. Our farm also hosts chickens and other animals, with other products. Find out more here.

The HTML, Javascript, and CSS framework for this web site is available:
Our web site is built with HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript. Bill built the framework code developing several features along the way. This framework is available for use by others to build their own web sites. Find out more about how this web page is built here.

We host a number of events throughout the year to provide learning, interaction, and fun for our customers. These events each have their own unique emphasis.

Bizarre Bazaar Saturday, December 8, 10am-3pm, hosted by Brainerd Farmer's Market at Grace Episcopal Church
This is our regular Brainerd Farmer's Market, but is expanded to include many craft vendors. It is indoors just off the lower parking lot, and many of our regular vendors will have additional items as well. We will have all our usual stuff, but we'll make sure we have plenty of Christmas decorated Felted Soaps and our kids will have their ornaments too.
Click here for Facebook Page
Holiday Trunk Show at Athens Arts Center, Athens TN, 2018 dates:
Thursday, November 15, 6pm-8pm and Friday, November 16, 2018, 10am-8pm. Thursday night is a preview party, with door prizes and a small entry fee. Friday is all admission.
Open House and Farm Tour Scheduled for Friday, November 30th and Saturday, December 1, 10am till 5pm both days.
Tour the farm
See the goats, chickens, dogs, cats, cattle, and farmland
Sample our goat cheeses and fudge
Christmas Shop our wide selection of soaps
Enjoy refreshments including goat milk hot chocolate, cookies, and other treats
Learn about small scale farming and small local business
Enter to win a gift basket valued at $40!
See our Facebook Event Page here for updates.
Additional annual and repeating events

Baby Goat Experience Not scheduled yet for 2019. Stay tuned!
Dairy Goat Milking Demonstration at both of our markets in June
Soap Making Demonstrations None currently Scheduled.
Solar System Planet Scale Model Demonstration None currently scheduled.
Our soaps business and goat farm means we have access to many products that are sometimes hard to find or more expensive to purchase individually or in small quantities. We also have certain items we accumulate that we would be happy to pass along to anyone who can use them. Below are some of the items available.

Help us keep our costs low, donate your unwanted items to us. We're also looking for items that we use regularly. If you can donate them to us, it helps us keep our costs of production low, either by our ability to use the item directly, pass it along to others we know can use them, or in some cases sell them to provide some additional income.

Things we can provide
We are able to order a number of products in bulk, and order from certain companies fairly regularly. We are therefore able to sell bulk containers of certain items, and can offer convenient deliver and help you save on shipping by ordering items on your behalf when we place an order from the same company.

Items we regularly have availale are:
50 lb boxes of Lard $55-$60 each
35 lb containers of Sunflower/Safflower Oil $50-60 each
50 lb buckets of Coconut Oil $75-80 each
5lb packages of shea butter $18-20 each
2lb bottles of lye in boxes of 16 bottles each $5-8 each
Chicken water feeders
Lip Balm Tubes and Caps
Packing Tape
6x4in shrink flim bags
Fight Bac teat spray

Prices listed are approximate. Contact us for current prices.

We order periodically from the following Scent/Fragrance and supplies companies:
Nature's Garden
Candle Science
Rustic Essentuals
Bulk Apothicary
Liberty Natural
Columbus Foods
Soaper's Choice
Paper Mart
NE Cheesemaking supply
Webstraunt Store
Essential Depot

We are affiliates of our web host, www.emwd.com, as well as our shopping cart, www.dansie.com.

Our web page is created by us and uses a Javascript framework to generate HTML, making the underworkings of it very approchable to anyone familiar with the web's basic languages: HTML, Javascript, and CSS. For more information click here.

We also have various other items available, including Empty 50 lb feed sacks (makes good bags for dry trash or could be used to make hand bags)
Empty 2lb lye bottles (Tall round bottles with a safety lid)
We also have a number of other items available from time to time. We'll post them here if we think anyone can use them.
Things we can use
We also accept donations of certain items which helps us keep the costs of running the farm low.
Wide Mouth quart and 1/2 gallon canning jars
wide mouth lids and rings
Gently used children's clothing, boy or girl, any size
Used books (almost any condition as long as they're all together and not dirty)
Other small items in good condition (let us know what you have and we'll let you know if we can use it.
We are looking for someone to help us with our web site. We would like to create a customer login as well as a more dynamic shopping cart. Contact us for details.

Thank you so much!
Gift Certificates
Gift Certificate

Enter Amount:
Enter email address of recipient:

Want to get a gift for a friend or loved one but not sure what they want? Order a gift certificate! Available in any whole dollar amount between $10 and $999. Enter an email address if this is for a friend and we'll notify them. A code will be put into the shopping cart to identify the certificate. We'll email you or your friend once the code is activated. Gift Cards are not discounted with other sale discounts or coupon codes.
Direct Sale Purchase or In-Person Transaction
Market Booth

Use our shopping cart to pay with credit card
Enter Amount:
Use this space below to indicate what you are purchasing.

Or if you have a paypal accont, use this link for Paypal.Me
Don't have cash or check at our Farmer's Market or when otherwise purchasing something directly from us? No problem! We can now accept credit cards through our web site if you have a smart phone with you. Use this form to enter your purchased items and total price. No shipping charges will be added. You'll be able to pick up your items once your transaction is complete, which only takes a couple minutes.
Soaps Curing on Shelves ready for Bulk and Wholesale size orders. Goat Milk Soap in Bulk

Stock up on soaps, buy in bulk!

Orders must be at least 22 bars, and can be up to 42 bars. To order more than 42 bars, order them separately. You can mix and match scents.

You can order up to 34 bars for no more than $12 shipping within the continental USA. Short distance shipping costs may be even less for up to 42 bars! When shipping is less we will provide a refund. If shipping is significantly higher due to distance, we will contact you. International shipping will be higher.

Bars cost $3.95 each, and you can save even more by ordering unwrapped bars. These bars do not count toward our buy 4 get one free offer.

You can order here!
Choose One Scent
Enter total number of bars
(between 22 and 42):

Pick a scent:

Unwrapped: Save 20¢ per bar by ordering unwrapped bars!

Your Total (includes $12 for shipping):  $


Choose Several Scents:
Oatmeal Milk and Honey
Lemongrass Sage
Mint Julep
Other Scents: Please enter total number of bars here and list the kind and number of each kind you want below.

Total Bars Chosen (must be at least 22 and no more than 42):

Unwrapped: Save 20¢ per bar by ordering unwrapped bars!

Your Total (includes shipping):  $

If you have trouble using this form or want to order soap not listed, please contact us for information.

If you are interested in becoming a reseller or selling our soap in your store, please contact us for information.

Web Site Framework
Our web site is built with HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript. Bill built the framework code developing several features along the way. This framework is available for use by others to build other web sites.

Features of this web site include:
-A multi-level menu bar that works on both tablet and desktop/laptop computers
-Use of javascript to generate templates for repeating data
-A javascript array used as a database containing "normalized" data.
-Taking the concept of using css to separate style information and applying it to javascript code and web page data.
-code that will work for separate related web sites
-A modal pop-up box that behaves itself nicely, easily invoked and easily dismissed
-A picture gallery page with thumbnails built on some of the above concepts
-Displaying sections of a web page that would otherwise be separate files on the server but are instead all contained in one file, reducing the number of files on your server
-Implimentation of code that "detects" the backbutton and responds to it appropriately in places where the backbutton wouldn't otherwise work
-A 404 error page not found page that identifies links that were once valid but are no longer valid, providing the end user with a message that is different for each of any number of possible unique wrong URL's
-A 404 error page not found page that also looks like a regular page except for its unique error reporting content, so users can access the menu bar to navigate to a valid page, as opposed to staring at a cryptic text page or some browser generated message
-A popup menu that provides an alternative to the < select > html tag.
-responsive design
-Features such as marking an item low or out of stock, adding variations, setting a featured item,
-Lots of room for flexibility
-Works well with the Dansie Shopping Cart

This framework is available for sale. I will send you all the base files to make it work, along with a file with instructions on how to set everything up. I will also include a 1 year service plan to fix anything that doesn't work as advertised. I can also provide additional support and add requested features for an additional pre-arranged fee.

This framework does not do certain things. They include but are not limited to:
It does not provide a shopping cart, however I have designed it to work with the dansie shopping cart.
It does not provide user/customer login. I am actually looking to add this feature but am not sure how. If you know, please contact us.
I do not make any other warranties for fitness for a particular purpose or any other guarantees.
Retail Locations
Display at Artcrafters Our Soaps are available in Dayton, Athens, Ooltewah, Dunlap, Grandview, and Chattanooga, as well as some locations outside Tennessee.

Dayton, TN
ArtCrafters Inc
The Gathering Place
Both of these stores are on Market St. in downtown Dayton, just a few blocks south of the courthouse. View Map

Southeastern Farmers Cooperative
9083 Rhea County Hwy. (US 27), just south of the Rhea County Hospital. View Map
Soap is also available at their other locations at Pikeville and Cleveland.

Athens, TN
Athens Area Council for the Arts, 320 N. White St., Athens, TN. View Map

Chattanooga, TN
Market BoothBrainerd Farmer's Market, Saturdays 10am-noon April-October at the corner of Belvoir Ave and Brainerd Rd. in the parking lot of Grace Episcopal Church. Schedule changes January thru March. Winter 2014 hours are 11am-12 noon. Watch our facebook page and Brainerd Farmers Markets email for when we expect to be there. View Map.

Olive Chattanooga, 112 Woodland Ave., Chattanooga, TN. This location features or Baby Olive bar soaps. View Map.

Ooltewah Farmer's Market, Ooltewah, TN: Thursdays 3-6pm At the Ooltewah Nursery on Thursdays from 3-6pm. Winter hours usually 3-5pm. Every week, year round, except special schedules for Thanksgiving week, the week after Christmas, and when another major holiday falls on a Thursday (such as 4th of July. Between New Year's and March and April, we are not there every week.View Map

Dunlap, TN
Phillip & Cindy's Natural Teas, Spices, Herbs and Honey Facebook page. 15781 Rankin Ave, Dunlap, Tennessee.

Natural Affinity Soap, 131 Cherry Street in Dunlap TN. View Map.

Grandview, TN
Grandview Mountain Cottages. Their web site has directions.

We also have sold products through these stores:

Gift Shop Ringgold, GA
Joy's United Gift Shop, 77 Tennessee St. Ringgold, GA 30736 Facebook Page

Medford, OR
MaryJane's Attic, 259 E Barnett Suite A, Medford, OR 97501. Facebook page

Save on Shipping: we can bring orders to our farmer's markets with no shipping charge. To pick up at a farmer's market, just order and pay online, then choose "Bring to Market" under "Shipping and Handling" on the shopping cart page, and indicate which market you'll pick up at in the comment box on the next page. We can sometimes deliver soap to our distributors as well, but please contact us first to confirm.

Your Town, USA: Add your store to this list!
Display at Heritage Crafters Gallery
This photo was taken at the Lynchburg Community Market Heritage Crafters Gallery when we sold soap there before the move to Tennessee. We are looking for more resellers. To get our soap in your storecontact us for information.

Contact Us
If you need any additional information, please contact us.<script>

contact @ dixiesoaps.com (remove spaces). You may click on this link to open an email in your email program.


Or you may use this form to send us a message


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